Cost Savings Opportunities

Cost Savings Opportunities

Personnel expense typically consumes more than half of an organization's operating revenue. According to a Staffing Industry Analysis Contingent Buyer survey, over a recent six-year period, vendor management system usage within the healthcare industry grew from 13 percent in 2005 to a projected 93 percent in 2011. Smaller institutions are also experiencing similar growth, as providers such as StaffAssist are offering services to organizations of every size.

A well-crafted solution that is customized to meet your needs can potentially save your organization money. StaffAssist Workforce Management was developed with this in mind.

Hard Dollar Savings

  • Pro-active bill rate management and standardization
  • Decreased unauthorized spending
  • Lower incidence of overtime and inaccurate or misallocated billing
  • Integration of expense capitalization tracking
  • Improved monitoring of service level agreement items such as volume discounts, guarantees, and direct hiring provisions
  • Reduced customer headcount and administrative costs to manage the process

Soft Dollar Savings

  • Improved cycle times
  • Increased fill ratios
  • Reportable system information that provides actionable data
  • Leading e-procurement technology to automate entire solution
  • More accurate forecasting capability
  • Decreased billing approval and reconciliation costs
  • Increased user productivity as result of process efficiency and automation.

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