How does StaffAssist Workforce Management work?
The StaffAssist approach involves extensive research and planning that allows us to understand your facility's workflow and processes. Our ultimate goal is to analyze the facility workflow and then translate the information into an electronic format. The typical implementation process takes six to eight weeks. Our clients are involved in every step of the program implementation and often take an active role.

Project Initiation
The first step in implementing a program within your facility is to secure executive and business sponsor support. In the beginning of any project, securing support from the organization's leadership is essential to creating a successful solution. During this initiation phase, it is also important that the client provides subject matter experts from several departments from within the organization. Once these pieces have been established, StaffAssist will activate a communication plan designed to convey the need for the project to the organization and its stakeholders.

Business Process Modeling and Analysis
During the business process modeling and analysis stage, StaffAssist will take an opportunity to identify and analyze the current workflow process with the client. This will help reveal areas that need improvement and will be the basis for creating an improved model.

Cost Analysis
The client will provide operational and financial expertise in order to develop a cost analysis for this stage of the program. During this process, the client will have the ability to review savings projections and approve the necessary information in order to move to the next step of the project.

Organizational Change Analysis Step
During this stage of the implementation process, the client is responsible for securing the availability of discussion participants. Communications plans will be developed and finalized. The client will then approve the plan.

Implementation Planning

StaffAssist's implementation team will prepare to participate in system configuration sessions and sign off on configuration and training plans. At this time, the client is responsible for supplying a list of all system users, current contractors, and suppliers to the program. Skill set requirements and job descriptions will also need to be supplied during this stage of the process.

System Configuration and Deployment
During this final stage of the process, the client will sign off on system configuration and schedule training for all users. Cooperative partnership through every stage of the implementation process allows StaffAssist to keep the client involved with all parts of the plan. Applying StaffAssist's implementation expertise allows for a seamless transition from the client's current staffing situation to an improved platform solution.

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