Forming strategic partnerships with healthcare and technology providers allows StaffAssist to provide cost-effective, quality solutions. StaffAssist understands that a single "out of the box" solution will not work for every client and will strive to provide neutral and objective business solutions. By partnering with several leading technology providers, StaffAssist works to provide our clients with real solutions from industry experts. Using best-in-class technology and tested business and healthcare process modeling enables StaffAssist to help our clients improve and simplify obstacles related to contingency staffing.

StaffAssist's Partner Approach to Technology

  • Increased speed to market
  • Decreased capital expenditures
  • Additional sales channel
  • Better relationship for operating companies

Additional Benefits of Partnering with StaffAssist

  • Assist clients in selecting appropriate technology
  • Manage the contract and relationship with the technology provider
  • Reviewed over 20 different technology solutions for:
    • Features and functionality
    • Implementation, training, and support
    • Customer experiences and references
    • Financial and business operational assessment
    • Company management, vision, and experiences

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