Workforce Management Process

Workforce Management Process

There are a number of issues facing facility administrators that fuel the challenge of managing a healthcare workforce, including:

  • Significant increases in operating costs
  • Reduced reimbursement from managed care organizations and municipal payers
  • Regulatory requirements from HIPAA, Joint Commission accreditation, and mandated staffing ratios
  • Increased competition for patient revenue
  • Increased competition for quality personnel
  • Fewer experienced workers as aging healthcare professionals exit the workforce
  • Allocating internal resources appropriately in order to fill gaps when necessary

The StaffAssist process starts by understanding where you are today as well as where you want to be in the near future. We first define the challenges your facility is currently experiencing, while at the same time mapping your current workflows. We then map out the future state that you desire and help you achieve it by delivering a combination of talented people, efficient processes, and advanced technology.

Our customer-centered approach will enable you to begin to control your workforce processes and needs, while experiencing potential cost and resource savings.

StaffAssist Process Diagram

Creating a smooth workforce management solution is an ongoing process and our partnership doesn’t end once the new system is in place. By working with StaffAssist you will enjoy a single point-of-contact for all related functions including recruiting, background checks, credentialing, billing, invoicing, and reporting. Our program mangers strive to provide you with a high-level customer service experience including reduced fill times, less time spent managing staffing requirements, and more time spent managing your departments.

Your StaffAssist program manager is also dedicated to continuously improving your program. He or she will lead quarterly meetings that analyze the current results and success of the program while at the same time identifying areas that still need improvement. With this information in hand, your program manager will work with our process specialists to create an improvement plan. Once approved, the program manager will implement and track the effectiveness of the updates to the plan.


StaffAssist combines healthcare and business process modeling expertise with advanced technology to simplify our clients' workforce management needs. Time savings and communication upgrades are only a small part of the service we offer. With each requisition tracked and all suppliers linked there are several metrics that clients can measure with a workforce management solution. Measurable metrics include:

Human Capital Acquisition

  • Interviews generated per job post
  • Interviews to job offer ratio
  • Ratio of offers made to acceptances
  • Time to fill jobs
  • Job requisition fill rate

Human Capital Cost Rations

  • Compensation per hour

Human Capital Forecasting

  • Helps predict your recruiting and staffing needs


  • Supervisor satisfaction
  • Contractor satisfaction
  • Percent engagements ended
    • Poor performance
    • Good performance

Vendor Performance

  • Total expense by vendor
  • Total assignments by vendor
  • Percent rejected by vendor
  • Placements per submission
  • Requisition response time

Learn more about implementation and cost savings through StaffAssist Workforce Management or contact us for more information.