Your Program Office

Your Program Office - Your Partner in Change

As facilities of all sizes find themselves spending significant amounts of money on contingency staffing, StaffAssist's program office strives to provide a fluid staffing solution with potential cost saving benefits.

The program office acts a single point-of-contact for the client, fulfilling staffing needs, and providing quality assurance of supplemental staff. With a tier-like system, the program office works with affiliate providers, remaining vendor neutral throughout the process. In addition, the program office is able to provide one invoice for all vendor payments, including a pre-established rate for an up-front pricing structure.

Benefits to a program office:

  • One point-of-contact
  • Vendor neutrality
  • A manager for affiliate provider interactions
  • A partner in administrative responsibilities of your program
  • Specialized recruiting
  • Continuous improvement

It is our goal to have the program office take on the burden of many, if not all, of the daily staffing operations so your team can manage staff instead of needs.

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